Remember way back in elementary school when it was so easy to make friends? You would walk up to someone and say, “My name is Jane…wanna play?” and off you go and before you know it, you’re best friends. But as we grow up, it’s harder and harder to make good friends. Yes, you can go out and talk to people, maybe exchange numbers and say let’s get together, but then you never follow through. Why is that? Fear of rejection, just don’t feel up to it, not sure what they would want to do? Or maybe you do reach out and set up a meet, then once you get together (sober), they talk non-stop about the drama in their life, and you realize you were crazy to think this person would be someone you would want to be friends with.

The longer you are out of school, it gets harder and harder to make good friends. Part of this is due to not having as much access to people like you had in class, sports, or clubs. Part is just due to changes in life, getting a job, moving away, maybe raising kids, you don’t have as much time as you used to. It’s easy to let your circle of friends drift away. Then suddenly you realize you haven’t spoken to someone in over a year.

So, I’ve decided to put more focus on building connections and making new ones. I am going to plan some type of event once a month to either rebuild connections with old friends or name some new friends. I’m planning to categorize them into three groups. Girls only, couples, and everyone. Below are some of the ideas I have come up with so far.


Girls Night—Let’s face it, sometimes we need to leave the men at home.

  • Going out for mani/pedi’s—preferably to a place we can bring a bottle of wine.
  • Movie night—where we gather at someone’s house to watch a girly movie. It’s always more fun to do this some please where you can talk, and laugh out loud, or make fun of the characters. Going to the theater doesn’t lend itself to as much interaction.
  • Upscale dining—It’s always fun to get dressed up and to a place you normally eat at, then maybe follow this with dancing. Need to work off those extra calories somehow.

Couples—It’s always fun when you and your partnered friends get together. Here are a few things I’m planning.

  • Trivia night at a local pub—There’s always someplace that has trivia. It’s fun to hang out and drink and play against other groups. And beer makes it even more fun!
  • Art or music festivals—Depending on the season, I can usually find some kind of festival.
  • Picnic in the park—Fruit, cheese, red wine, and chocolate are my favorite things to bring on a picnic. Can’t forget the music.

Catch all— I have some friends with kids and some without. Some are couples and some are single. I want to plan things where I can include everyone. These events are for everybody and anybody. Grown-ups and kids alike.

  • Game night—I think it’s more fun for kids to play together and adults to play together, but either way, anyone can join in game night.
  • Pool party—This one is self-explanatory. No explanation needed.
  • Bonfire party—We have a bonfire pit out back so I’m going to host a “Bring your own smores making” party. I love sitting around a fire talking to friends.


It’s so important to have friends to make you laugh, lean on during tough times, and just get you out of the house. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make plans with your friends.


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