Cheers for Fun Drinking Games!


Drinkuisition is the brainchild of Matthew Gregory and was created in Orlando, Florida. It was created in an attempt to bring our friends together more often and judging by where we are now, we'd like to consider it mission accomplished.

What makes Drinkuisition different?

Drinkuisition is one of tho fun party games which utilizes all three learning styles and helps the player retain the information despite consuming alcohol. Drinkuisition is chock full of fun, interesting, questions which include fun facts or optional bonus questions on each card. These questions are ones that most people should know. However, most players quickly find that they have trouble recalling the answer when put on the spot. Unlike other card drinking games, Drinkuisition is the only trivia, drinking, game available. Most questions will leave the player thinking "Oh, I know this but I can't think of the answer." We all know that feeling and it is common to have players who feel that way. The penalty and reward system is enforced by giving out drinks for incorrect answers (with a few surprises of course). For more information on Drinkuisition follow drnkgames on Instagram and Facebook for updates on our kickstarter campaign. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the icons.

Why Drinkuisition?

When the beer (or wine, cider, cocktails etc.) starts flowing, players begin to laugh with each other and poke fun at one another. Before you know it, you'll be laughing and playing for hours. If you're a fan of other party based card games, or trivia night at your local pub, then you'll be sure to love Drinkuisition. It really is a fun drinking card game. You'll be glad you picked up a copy and your friends will be glad you did too. Cheers!