To celebrate the launch of our first game Drinkquizition, DRNK Games is going to be hosting a Drinkquizition launch party! We will host five different soft launch parties at five different bars and locations in Orlando. The best part? DRNK Games is going to be live-streaming all 5 parties. Join us for the biggest drinking game party in the world!

What is the world’s largest shark? Who invented hot cocoa, how did NEO leave the Matrix? In an era of instant answers via Google and smartphones, how knowledgeable are you on different subjects like kids movies, science, math, and physics? What if you could combine your love of knowledge with your love of drinking? That’s where Drinkquizition came in. Drinkquizition is a trivia card game created by your friends at DRNK Games. We want to get you back to hanging out with your friends, having a beer, and playing your favorite games. Drinkquizition is a game of wits using trivia and common knowledge whilst under the influence of alcohol, resulting in laughter, friendships, and inebriated fun. The idea behind Drinkquizition is to bring a “bar trivia night” to your living room, and encourage friends to hang out, without hanging onto your smartphone.

About DRNK Games

DRNK Games is headquartered in Orlando Florida and established in 2017. After our founder, Matthew Gregory constructed our break out game titled Drinkquizition DRNK Games was born and really hit the ground running. Drinkquizition is the drinking game for the thinking person – a trivia game where you can test your smarts….and your liver.

Our mission at DRNK Games is to create memories. We want society to put the cell phone down for a few hours and actually play with their damn friends again. It’s been a lot of fun but it’s time to stop letting the phone control your life and actually socialize again. We make games; that’s what we’re about. In turn, our games create new communities of friends which creates the byproducts of fun conversations, ridiculous rants, a lot of laughs and friendships that last a lifetime. – DRNK Games Mission Statement

Drinkquizition Launch Party

Since the birth of Drinkquizition, we have created several prototypes and a beta version of Drinkquizition. We have been testing out Drinkquizition on a consumer base in our testing phase. Our team got a lot of feedback, made some improvements, worked out the kinks. We are now ready to roll out our new and improved Drinkquizition game. To celebrate the Drinkquizition, we are going to be hosting a Drinkquizition launch party! Gather a few friends, put the phone down and create memories consisting of hilarious moments and ridiculous rants. Beer is one of the most popular beverage in the world, and trivia is monstrously popular the world over. From pub quiz, across the pond, to trivia night in our American bars, all the way down to three dudes with a six-pack in a basement somewhere.

Trivia and drinking beers, with our friends, go hand in hand. So... we took it to the next level. Come out to our Live Streaming Event, play a few rounds of our New Drinking Game DrinkQUIZitiion and have a great time.


Drinkquizition Soft Launch Party
Friday, October 4th | 7 pm – 10 pm

Trick Shots = 11351 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825
Public House = 12046 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL 32817
Castle Church Brewery = 6820 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822
Caboose = 1827 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804
Location #5 is TBA


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