is the new drinking card game from DRNK Games. This badass trivia game comes with a boozy flair. This is NOT your mama’s trivia game. Make a margarita (maybe even straight up tequila if you’re brave enough) or grab a beer; whatever you want, and get ready to drop some knowledge! Do you know where Elvis Presley’s Mansion resides? No? Well, we do, and you will too! Because Drinkquizition combines fun and laughs, with social interactions and friendship, throw in our eclectic and weird tidbits of knowledge and BAM! Grab some buds, or strangers, and get your shit together! Looks like school and spring break just had a baby. Why wouldn’t you want to play this?

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The rules are pretty easy...

There are three different types of cards. You should first separate and shuffle the cards into their three different corresponding categories. Place these categories into piles and place the piles in the middle of the play area. The categories are Trivia, Common Knowledge and the Drinquizition Cards.

Once you’ve broken them up, decide who goes first. Example: Rock, paper, scissors to the death (or best out of three), have the youngest player go first (this player should not be younger than 21 years of age) or choose the person who has already been drinking etc. Once you’ve established who will begin the round, the game play should move clockwise around the table.

To begin, the first player will draw the top card from the Drinkquizition card pile. Follow the instructions on the card. Then, if necessary, have the player to the left draw the top card from the corresponding question pile and read the card. Make sure to read the card loud enough for every player at the table to hear. If the correct answer is given then the player who answered will keep the card. If the wrong answer is given then the player who answered will take a drink! Wrong answers should be discarded, AND once all questions have been answered, the disposed cards should be shuffled back into the play deck.

How to Steal: If the answering player answers the question incorrectly, the player must take a drink, but others can steal the card by being the first to call out the correct answer. If someone steals a card, then that person will keep that card and add it to their hand.

Keep an eye out for Fun Facts and Optional Bonus Questions.

Bonus Questions: These give you an opportunity to correct your mistakes. If the first question is answered correctly, no drink is required, but beware, if you miss both you must take 2 drinks and if both questions are answered correctly, the answering player earns the right to give a drink away to the player of their choice. If the first question is answered incorrectly but the bonus question is answered correctly then the drinks cancel each other out and the answering player owes zero drinks.

Fun Facts: Question cards have either a bonus question or a fun act. If the question card has a fun fact then it is the responsibility of the person reading the question card to also read the fun fact allowed. This is so that every player can learn and make associations that may help them answer this question in the future. If the person reading the question card forgets to read the fun fact, or forgets to ask the answering player if they want the optional bonus question, then any participating player can point out the flaw and make the reader take a drink for not doing their job.

Rule Card: If a rule card is drawn, make a rule. Rules remain in place until another rule card is drawn and a new rule is made. Rule breakers must drink!

Winning: The player with the most cards after all the cards have been played wins! (Alternatively you can play up to a given number, like the first one to collect 10 cards wins.)

Every other card in the Drinkquizition deck is self explanatory. Have a great time enjoying the company of your friends, learning cool pop culture trivia and knocking back a few drinks. Just please drink responsibly and never drink and rive.


You can sip, chug or finish your drink when you're required to do so because of the above rules. The amount of alcohol consumed is left up to the discretion of the players, just please drink responsibly.

"We establish communities of friends by bringing you good times with good people. This, in turn, creates memories consisting of hilarious moments and ridiculous rants. Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world; and trivia, is monstrously popular the world over. From pub quiz, across the pond, to trivia night in our American bars, all the way down to three dudes with a six pack in a basement somewhere. Trivia and drinking beers, with our friends, go hand in hand. So... we took it to the next level.
Drinkquizition is the best new card game from DRNK Games."


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