There are so many ways to have fun with your friends. Something as simple as playing Words with Friends over your smartphone, meeting up to watch football together every Sunday, or gathering around a table to play a friendly game of Monopoly can create fun memories. One thing to keep in mind is the types of activities your friends like most. For example, I have a couple friends I like to golf with. They know I need 2 beers to play my top game but if I drink more it goes downhill from there. Two drinks are just enough to relax me and keep me from over-thinking every shot, but not enough to hinder my aim. With my very best friend, I like to watch girly movies while drinking fancy cocktails and eating fun hors-d’oeuvres. We even have friends we like to go camping with. But no matter who it is or what we do we always have fun together.

I thought I would share a few of my best “fun with friends” ideas.


Have a Big Lebowski league night.

Paint and Sip

Find a place where you can paint a picture, following easy instructions for a fun artist while sipping on your favorite beverage. This is so much fun. Last time we went we brought a couple of moms with us and laughed the whole time.

Outdoor Concert

Grab a blanket and your favorite bottle of wine and listen to some music.


Whether you host it at your home or go to a bar, you learn something new every time. Try out this new drinking trivia game:


Pack up some yummy treats, grab a blanket and meet up with some friends at a park. Bring your pets along for a play date.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Come up with a list of items for you and your friends to take pictures of. Amp it up by turning it into a pub crawl. The last one to finish buys a round of drinks. Take a look at these cool ideas.

Pumpkin Carving

Host a pumpkin carving party. Have everyone bring their own pumpkin to carve. Have lots of newspaper, some stencils, and carving tools to share. And of course, serve your favorite Halloween drink. You can find some stencil ideas here and some super cool drinks here.

Corn Maze

It’s a race to the finish. Once you all get out of the maze, go out for ice cream. Or a beer.

Pizza Party BYOB

You supply the dough, sauce, and cheese, then have everyone bring their favorite toppings and drinks. Have a pizza making party and drink up.

Scary Movie Night

Last but not least is a scary movie night. Hunt up the scariest movies, make some fun cocktails, turn down the lights and watch some scary movies together. It’s always fun if you have a trickster in the group that will do something to make everyone scream.

There you have it. My favorite things to do all of which help bring us together to learn, play, and laugh together. Enjoy!


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