Wow, it has been one hell of a year! I think we can all agree that we’ve faced issues these last two years like never before. However, games and booze reign supreme in times of strife. This leads us to the best Christmas gift idea for gamers in 2021. Most likely you have a gamer in your family and are desperately racking your brain about what to get them. Sound familiar? Well, you’re in the right place! There are some many types and genres of games that pinning down the right one for your loved ones can seem overwhelming.



Look no further than DrinkQuizition. DrinkQuizition is the original trivia drinking game and the best Christmas gift idea for the gamer in your life. With over 5 years of developing the PERFECT game, we ended up with DrinkQuizition. Fight for superiority through entertainment, science, history, pop culture and many more! This is a simple and easy to follow drinking game that is perfect for Christmas parties, New Years Eve and any regular weekend.

Check out why so many people rate DrinkQuizition 5 stars on Amazon and pick up your copy here, in time for the holidays! We also have a plethora of snack and drink ideas for your holiday parties that you can find here, there’s some really good sh*t on here. You can also learn how to play DrinkQuizition here.

Tired of hanging out with people who are distracted by their phones?

Once you’ve reached adulthood, meeting up with friends becomes extra challenging. It’s hard to get everyone’s schedule to synchronize. When you finally get the chance to meet, it’s best to savor the moment and just enjoy each other’s company. But even this has been made difficult by people’s addiction to their screens. We all tend to frequently check our phone on impulse.

The best new game from DRNK Games, Drinkquizition brings memorable times to people by marrying together our love of hanging with friends, and trivia, and a few beers. Pop a bottle of your favorite beverage, no alcohol required, and get ready to prove your superior knowledge in pop culture, history, entertainment and more! Your phone will never cross your mind as you get engrossed in the fun game and friendly banter.

No person should have trouble with our easy-to-follow game

Simply pick a card from the top of the deck then answer the indicated question. You get to keep the card if your answer is correct, and you’ll have to take a sip for every mistake. The person with the most cards wins the game! Our DrinkQuizition cards are divided into the “Common Knowledge” and “Trivia” deck, each with 30 questions.

DrinkQuizition comes with fun twists! Every time you get an answer wrong, someone else can steal your card by calling out the correct answer. You may also use the “Bonus Questions” to save yourself. The caveat is that you will have to sip twice if you get it wrong.

More reasons you’ll love our party game:

✅ A fresh new take on game nights
✅ Appeals to the thinking person
✅ Learning experience through the “Fun Facts” feature

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